Antibiotics for Common Cold

The common cold is the number one reason for missed work and school for both adults and children. Colds can last 1-2 weeks and leave you feeling tired, miserable and unproductive. It can be tempting to use antibiotics in hopes of a speedy end to the misery.

However, 98% of common cold cases are caused by viruses so antibiotics rarely work nor help you feel better. Experts strongly advise against antibiotics for common colds to minimize overuse and to curtail the pervasiveness of drug-resistant super-bugs.

Safe options to recover quickly:

  1. Get plenty of rest.
  2. Drink fluids regularly, such as water, electrolyte solutions, apple juice, and warm soup.
  3. Take Nenningers Naturals Cold & Sinus Solution for fast-acting, non-drowsy symptom relief.

“This is a great product to help get rid of a cold.
My husband came down with a cold and took it twice a day.
His cold didn’t last but about three days.
We also take the Triple Flu Defense weekly as a maintenance.”
—Vicki, North Carolina

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Rebound of Cold and Flu

Social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing are proven measures to control the spread of Covid-19, along with other viruses such as the common cold and influenza.  Australia experienced unusually low levels of influenza during its peak time.  The northern hemisphere is also seeing a similar trend with minimal flu cases reported thus far this season. 

Caution though is advised, experts warn that a late surge is possible as restrictions lessen and individual behavior changes with rising vaccine rates.  Australia saw a surge in influenza cases in December, which is outside the southern hemisphere’s typical flu season.  When people return to everyday life, viruses will have an abundance of new hosts with waning immunity, potentially setting up a sizable rebound in the U.S. and northern hemisphere.

I swear by the products.  I sent two bottles (Cold & Sinus Solution and Triple Flu Defense) to my children in college.”  —Ann Marie, New York

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Sneezing, Congested, Itchy. Is it Mold?

Beautiful autumn colors can come with an upsurge in outdoor mold.  Mold can be tough to avoid as temperatures decline, daylight diminishes and moisture rises.

Mold spore counts rise significantly this time of year as fallen leaves remain on damp ground and plants die off.  Molds thrive in decomposing plant matter and its spores easily float into the air, especially on windy days.  Gardening in mulch or dirt, farming, or hiking in the woods puts one in direct contact with this airborne allergen.

Mold allergy symptoms are commonly runny nose, sneezing, irritated eyes, coughing, wheezing, and itchy throat.  Molds can also trigger or aggravate asthma symptoms.

Nenningers Naturals Triple Allergy Defense, formulated specifically for mold allergies, delivers fast-acting, non-drowsy symptom relief.

“We moved to North Carolina a few years ago and have been suffering allergies since then.  Then I bought Triple Allergy Defense!  
Relief at last.” —Lynne, North Carolina

Nenningers Naturals
Triple Allergy Defense

Do Children Get More Colds?

The answer is a resounding yes, especially children under age 5 who on
average get 6 to 8 colds each year compared to 2 to 4 for adults. The
common cold accounts for more doctor visits and missed school days for children than any other illness. Difficulty sleeping due to a stuffy nose, coughing, sneezing or headache makes for a long night (and next day) for both children and parents.
Colds are most prevalent from early fall to late winter, but it is possible to catch one any time of the year. Several factors contribute to the seasonality and increased frequency at which children are infected:

Less resistance: A child’s immune system, especially in early years, has not been exposed to the many cold viruses that exist and thus
has not developed sufficient immunity to fight these germs.
School or daycare: Cold viruses spread through the air and
close contact so school and daycare environments are perfect
breeding grounds.
Hand-to-face contact: Children are likely to touch their eyes, nose, or mouth without washing their hands which is the most common way germs are spread.
Indoors: With less daylight and colder temperatures children are indoors more, increasing their contact with germs.
Humidity: Low humidity in autumn and winter cause dry nasal passages which increase the susceptibility to cold viruses.

Some Things to Help?
• Bundle children up in colder weather and encourage outdoor play and activities.
• Add moisture to dry indoor environments with a cool-mist humidifier.
• Model and encourage regular hand-washing throughout the day.
• Stock up on Nenningers Naturals Cold & Sinus Solution to stop symptoms in their tracks.

“Cold & Sinus is a great product.
Just bought it for my son and it is working.”
—Jane, New York

Ragweed Packs a Punch

Ragweed packs a powerful punch with a single plant dispersing up to 1 billion pollen grains that float easily in the air.  Because these grains are so light, winds can carry them distances up to 400 miles. 

Many people find that hay fever symptoms worsen this time of year because ragweed blossoms when nights are cool and days are warm and dry.  Common symptoms are eye irritation, stuffy or runny nose, repeated sneezing, and itchiness in the throat or inside of ears.
Dr. Nenningers’ Triple Allergy Defense with homeopathic ragweed delivers natural hay fever relief with no drowsiness and no side effects.
Be ready when ragweed comes your way! Order now

“Thank you for all the good work you do.
I sing praises to everyone I know.”
Barbara, New York

Natural Hay Fever Relief


Hay fever, most commonly associated with ragweed, affects 1 in 5 people. Symptoms can be stuffy or runny nose, repeated sneezing, eye irritation, and itchiness in the throat or inside of ears. Ragweed can also trigger or aggravate asthma.
Ragweed season starts in early August and extends into late autumn. In the United States, it is most abundant in the East and Midwest, but can be found in every region. A typical timeframe by region is:
Northern U.S. and Canada – early August to early October
Southern U.S. – late August into November
Southwest, Florida and Gulf Coast – can be year-round
Nenningers Naturals Triple Allergy Defense is formulated with ambrosia artemisiaefolia, a homeopathic ragweed, for optimum hay fever relief with no drowsiness and no side effects. Be ready when ragweed comes your way!

“It is very bad with ragweed and mold here in Texas.
I’ve been using Triple Allergy Defense for years with
great success. It works really well.”
—Lillian, Texas


Customer Inquiries

Stay Healthy Street Sign

We have received many calls over the last few months regarding the current health challenges.  After reviewing research from healthcare practitioners in the United States and abroad, we recommend that our customers continue to use Triple Flu Defense 2019-2020 for the duration of the spring and summer months.

Nenningers Naturals newly formulated Triple Flu Defense+ for the 2020-2021 season is targeted for release around Labor Day.

To support our customers who are limiting travel at this time, we are extending the Free Standard Shipping through June 30.


Stress and Allergies

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 10.44.29 PM

With life turned upside down, everyone is experiencing increased stress.

Stress releases hormones and triggers in our bodies that aggravate allergy symptoms.  While stress is not a cause of allergies, it can worsen an allergic reaction by increasing histamine release.  This means that stress and allergies are mutually reinforcing, each boosting the level of the other.

Allergies are another reason why it is so important to incorporate daily activities to manage stress levels at this time.

“Thank you for all the good work you do. 
I sing praises to everyone I know.” 
—Barbara, New York


NN_3bottlesshot_2019Free Standard Shipping through May 31, 2020!

Homeopathic OTC Medicine Eligible for Tax Benefit

The Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security Act (CARES) was signed into law in March.  As part of this legislation, consumers can now receive reimbursement for OTC (over-the-counter) medicines using pre-tax Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).  OTC drugs, including homeopathic OTC products, are eligible without the necessity of a prescription from a healthcare professional.

Furthermore, for the first time, expenses for menstrual care products are added to the list of eligible items under an FSA, certain HRAs, and HSAs.

The law is retroactive, such that any qualified OTC purchase since January 1, 2020 can be reimbursed through these pre-tax funds. No end date has been given at this time.


Record Breaking Pollen

Meteorologists are predicting a severe allergy season for 2020.  Due to a mild winter in many areas, the season is expected to extend much longer, starting almost six weeks early.  Beyond that, above normal rainfall combined with average temperatures has led to high pollen production.

Nationwide, most areas will experience near record pollen counts this year, with the east coast expected to be hit the hardest.  Experts predict that pollen levels will remain unusually high through the summer months.

Triple Allergy Defense provides fast-acting symptom relief for pollen, mold and dust
– all in one bottle.

“This really works for my son’s allergies!  We’ve gone through many unsuccessful bottles of Zyrtec, Xyzal, nasal sprays and more.  His allergies were severe enough to cause him hearing loss, speech delays, and sinus infections.  We started using Triple Allergy Defense twice a day and noticed within 2 weeks he was breathing clear, sniffles were gone.  Now it is peak allergy season and he is breathing clear every day.  This is the Only thing that has worked!!”  —Jonathan,  New York