Fall Season 2012

After two mild seasons what will the upcoming flu season be like?

It is difficult to predict, but there are indications that this season could be more severe than the past two. Influenza viruses tend to travel around the globe and hit different continents during their winter months. This year, Australia and New Zealand’s flu seasons were unusually bad which could be an indication of what we will see in North America. Beyond that, the CDC has changed two of the three strains in the flu vaccine suggesting new influenza viruses are heading our way.

Dr. Nenninger and our research team at Nenningers Naturals continue to track the influenza viruses as they move geographically and mutute to form new strains. Flu strains present unique symptoms and that is why influenza cases can look different year to year. Homeopathy is an excellent choice because it is prescribed based on the symptom picture. Triple Flu Defense 2012-2013 has been reformulated to include two new remedies that address throat and stomach symptoms that were evident in the most
recent flu strains.

Dr. Nenninger’s recommendations for staying healthy throughout the flu season ……

• Eat a well balanced diet rich with Vitamins A, C and D.
• Stay active and get plenty of rest each day.
• Take Triple Flu Defense 2012-2013 at the first sign of the flu.