Ask the Doctor

Current reports indicate that 2012-13 has turned out to be an early and severe flu season.  The CDC is reporting widespread flu activity in 49 states.   We are still seeing a steady spread of flu activity across the country which combined with high levels of activity suggests that the season has not yet peaked.

The predominant influenza virus circulating is the H3N2 strain which can cause more severe illness.  The most common flu symptoms being reported are cough, followed by sore throat, fatigue, headache and body aches.  It is important to note that fever oftentimes is not associated with the flu this season.  Some areas of the country are also reporting a flu that primarily presents stomach/gastric  symptoms.

Because of the severity of the flu season, it is important to be diligent with your regimen to stay healthy throughout the winter and spring months.  Remember, the flu season extends from October through May.