Early Signs of a Bad Flu Season

An early start to the flu season along with evidence of new influenza strains are a perfect recipe for a bad flu season.

The 2014-2015 Flu Season has gotten off to an early start with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) already reporting sporadic flu activity in 36 states (up from 28 states the prior week) and higher levels across Florida, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Virginia.

The World Health Organization (WHO), responsible for monitoring influenza worldwide, issued a report in September 2014 that two of the three main influenza strains have mutated over the last six months.  Since drug manufacturers begin production of the flu vaccine for the Northern hemisphere in February, prior to the end of the flu season, this “change” has not been incorporated in the current vaccine which could result in a poor match with this season’s influenza viruses.

So what does this mean?  Likely, more flu and more spread in the months to come.

To stay healthy, Dr. Nenninger recommends a flu season regimen that includes Triple Flu Defense 2014-2015, Vitamin D for those of us in the northern states and plenty of rest to maintain a strong immune system.