Flu Season Going Strong


Don’t let down your guard, the flu season is still going strong with widespread activity reported in 39 U.S. states.  H1N1 is the predominant flu strain hitting the age group 25-64 years the hardest.   To complicate matters, the norovirus, which causes acute gastrointestinal symptoms is circulating as well.

Triple Flu Defense 2015-2016 has worked well for both the current flu strains and norovirus.


Flu and Stomach Virus Collide


From college campuses to cruise ships the norovirus is causing serious stomach ailments.  It tends to be fast and furious causing acute gastroenteritis with diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and stomach pain, lasting 1-3 days.  Some people may also experience flu-like symptoms of fever, headache and body aches.

To complicate matters, the flu season is now peaking throughout the U.S. and we are in Spring allergy season.   Flu symptoms most prevalent at this time are low grade fever, significant fatigue and cough.

Triple Flu Defense is formulated for respiratory and stomach flu symptoms.  We have received positive reports from customers on its effectiveness for both.

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Flu Season Taking Off

The flu season has taken off with the number of states reporting widespread flu activity doubling over the last week. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states from Virginia to Vermont and the Southwest from California to Texas are all at peak levels.

The most common symptoms reported are low grade fever, fatigue/weakness, cough and stomach discomfort.

We anticipate that the spread will continue throughout the United States during the month of March.