Top Cities for Allergies

Allergy season is in full swing.  If you live in or are visiting one of the cities listed below be ready for a cascade of outdoor allergens and have Dr. Nenninger’s Triple Allergy Defense on hand.  Here is this year’s list of the most challenging places for people with allergies – based on airborne grass, tree and weed pollen, and mold levels as reported by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.


Top 25 hardest hit cities in 2016!

1. Jackson, MS
2. Memphis, TN
3. Syracuse, NY
4. Louisville, KY
5. McAllen, TX
6. Wichita, KS
7. Oklahoma City, OK
8. Providence, RI
9. Knoxville, TN
10. Buffalo, NY
11. Dayton, OH
12. Little Rock, AR
13. Columbia, SC
14. Richmond, VA
15. Baton Rouge, LA
16. Tulsa, OK
17. New Orleans, LA
18. Toledo, OH
19. Winston-Salem, NC
20. Springfield, MA
21. Philadelphia, PA
22. San Antonio, TX
23. Chattanooga, TN
24. Tucson, AZ
25. Akron, OH

Winter Weather Impacts Spring Allergies


Winter weather has a significant impact on spring allergies.  The presence of El Nino in 2015 resulted in milder temperatures and more rainfall during winter months. This has primed the spring season for a heavier release of pollen and intensified symptoms for allergy sufferers.  These conditions also contribute to outdoor molds which often go unnoticed and add to discomfort.

So what can you do to combat allergies this spring?

  1. Plan outdoor activities, such as exercise or gardening, after early morning hours when pollen counts drop.
  2. Avoid outdoor activities on windy days when pollen levels are the highest.
  3. Clean or replace indoor air filters that get quickly saturated during peak pollen times.
  4. Enjoy fast-acting symptom relief with Dr. Nenninger’s Triple Allergy Defense.

This is the first year I tried Triple Allergy Defense drops and it’s worked exceptionally well.  I’m totally satisfied with the absence of allergy symptoms and the relief and the peace of mind it has given me.”  —Salome, Virginia  5/1/16