Stomach and Respiratory Flu Covers U.S.

Flu cases cover the U.S. and are expected to remain at peak levels as we head into March. While February is typically peak flu activity, there are several unusual aspects to this flu season.


1. We are receiving an equal number of reports of stomach and respiratory flu.

2. Some unfortunate people are experiencing both stomach and respiratory symptoms at the same time.

3. Almost 90% of reported flu cases are associated with one strain – H3N2 – which generally presents more severe illness.

4. All age groups are affected at the same rate.

We encourage everyone to remain diligent with their wellness regimens during this time of peak flu activity. If experiencing flu symptoms immediately take Triple Flu Defense 2016-2017 three times per day until symptoms subside.

A Storm of Pollen


While winter storms are a main concern in many parts of the country, southern states are facing a different kind of storm – tree pollen. Tree pollen has emerged across the southern U.S. with Florida and Texas facing high levels. Cedar, elm and juniper are the early culprits posing the greatest challenge for allergy sufferers.

So if you reside in the southern states or are traveling this winter to a warmer climate be ready for outdoor allergies with Dr. Nenninger’s Triple Allergy Defense.

“The only natural allergy remedy that works for me!”

—Jill, Massachusetts

Widespread Flu Nationwide

Widespread flu activity now covers most of the United States with many areas reporting a higher than average number of people visiting their doctor for flu-like symptoms.  The West coast, particularly California and Washington, have been hit hard.  The H3N2 strain is the likely culprit which accounts for almost 90% of flu cases nationwide and causes more severe illness.

The primary flu symptoms at this time are body aches, sinus congestion, intense cough and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea.  A cough and fatigue can linger for weeks after most symptoms subside.

Once the flu is in a household it can spread for up to one week after symptoms start.  If the flu is in your home we are suggesting that all members of the family take a daily dose of Triple Flu Defense 2016-2017 for one week and immediately follow the recommended dose of 3 times per day for flu symptoms.