Itchy, Burning Eyes?


People are often surprised when allergy symptoms flare up during summer months. One of the main complaints we hear are itchy, burning eyes, that can be dry or watery. Mold and dust can be a key cause so this is a good time to take proactive measures:

Be aware that window fans can draw pollen, mold and dust into the house spreading allergens.

Keep home humidity low with air-conditioners and dehumidifiers, especially in typically damp places like basements.

Replace air-conditioner filters frequently during high use times.

Minimize dust by cleaning behind and under beds and furniture.

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Next Culprit, Mold

The good news is that by July, grass pollen begins to settle down making seasonal allergies feel more manageable. The bad news is July marks the start of mold spores which worsens in August as hot, humid weather intensifies. So if you are sensitive to mold you might feel like your allergies never end.

Air conditioning and dehumidifiers are helpful to stay comfortable indoors. Dr. Nenninger’s Triple Allergy Defense is a great way to relieve allergy symptoms from hidden mold that can flourish inside and outdoors.

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