Early Indicators are Pointing to a Bad Flu Season Ahead

Flu Season Ahead1.  Doctors are reporting early cases of the flu across the U.S. in Arizona, California, New York,  North Carolina and Oregon.  Typically the flu begins in a distinct geographic area and spreads which is not the case this year suggesting a quicker, more widespread start.

2.  Australia had 2 ½ times more flu cases over the prior year.  Influenza levels in the southern hemisphere are usually a good indicator of what is in store for the northern hemisphere.

3.  Influenza A (H3N2) was the predominant strain in Australia which can be responsible forlarge scale outbreaks.

Nenningers Naturals is recommending that our customers begin their flu regimen and stay vigilant from October to May.  We will continue to distribute information throughout the season.

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