Brain Fog and Seasonal Allergies

Do you experience brain fog?  Brain fog is defined as decreased cognitive function affecting short and long-term memory and speed of information processing.  It is associated with a mental murkiness often accompanied with fatigue. 

We know that seasonal allergens –  pollen, mold and dust some of the main culprits – trigger our immune system.  Our bodies react to these allergens by releasing histamines and cytokines that signal an inflammatory response in our nasal pathways, sinuses, throat, eyes, ears and lungs.  This inflammation is linked to sleep disruptions and subsequently fatigue and brain fog.  Congestion in our sinuses and ears can result in imbalance and the feeling that your head is under water.  Research has also found that allergic reactions over an extended timeframe cause neurochemical changes that strain the brain, diminishing attention and memory. 

Experts advise that addressing allergy symptoms immediately and keeping them under control is the best way to curtail brain fog. 

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