Allergies on the Move

People can develop allergies at any age and for an array of reasons.  Customers, who may never had allergies before, are often surprised to experience them later in life, particularly to pollen, mold, dust and dander.

Photo collage of map of states of USA

One trigger can be a move to a new area of the country or frequent travel.  Exposure to a new environment or regular contact with higher levels of an allergen causes the immune system to overreact and display allergy symptoms.  Moving South to hotter, humid climates where dust mites thrive can give rise to a new allergic reaction.  Wet, damp climates where hidden mold can flourish present another potential hotbed for allergies.

The reality is every geographic region has environmental allergens.  If you have a propensity toward allergies, it is likely you will experience symptoms from new local pollens and mold.  If you are a frequent traveler be sure to pack Triple Allergy Defense to combat new allergens that await you.