Early Start to Flu Season

Flu season road sign

The flu season has gotten off to an early start with cases reported in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia and New Mexico.  Given that influenza cases are spread widely across geographic regions of the U.S. we might see it move quickly throughout the country.

Children are the most affected at this point and the start of school can contribute to the spread of viruses.

So NOW is the time to start your family flu regimen.

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—Brenda, Michigan

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Back to School, Colds to Follow

Back to school marks the end of summer, but also notes an upturn in sniffles and cold symptoms.  For some of us, the relaxing summer schedule is now replaced by early morning wake up to catch school buses and busier days that compromise sleep and add stress.  This can weaken our immune system and make us more susceptible to viruses.



Common colds are caused by viruses and spread by close contact with others.  Schools and colleges are a perfect breeding ground for these germs.  So it is no coincidence that late in August to early September the rate of colds intensifies and steadily increases throughout winter and early Spring.

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