Not Far Enough


More than a billion cases of the common cold occur in the United States each year. The signs of a sick person are quite noticeable – runny nose, sneezing and coughing.  It often seems like those are the folks standing next to you in line or sitting in the row behind you on a plane.

Like many of us, you might have the urge to inconspicuously step away or pray for an open seat.  So the real question is how far is far enough away? 

When a sick person sneezes, coughs and even talks they expel virus-containing droplets into the air.  Studies show that these droplets can travel a distance of up to
6 feet
from the person in a matter of seconds.  So stand clear from the hacking or move quickly away when you see someone gearing up to sneeze.  If you cannot escape in time, reach for Cold & Sinus Solution to halt those viruses before they take hold.

“I really, really like this new product. It helped me with cold symptoms.
It is a great product.” 

— Jan, New York   10/30/18

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