Ward Off the Common Cold

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 10.44.29 PMSpending more time indoors as the seasons change and partaking in holiday gatherings, puts us in direct contact with cold viruses.  To help ward off the common cold, keep in mind some basic tips for good health:

•  Sleep is critical.  Research shows that getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night makes one 3 times more likely to catch a cold, than 7 hours or more.

•  Hydration is key to cleanse the body of common bugs.  This is especially important during winter months of lower humidity and dry indoor heat.  (Remember alcohol tends to be dehydrating).

•  Chronic stress, physical or psychological, can suppress the immune system making it difficult to fight viruses such as the common cold.

•  Cold & Sinus Solution fights cold viruses with no drowsiness, no harmful side effects and no drug interactions.


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Early Indicators for Severe Flu Season

Flu season text in the hands of a female doctor

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the U.S. is seeing more flu than is typical for this time of year.

1. 30 states are currently reporting flu activity, the most states in a decade.
2. California, Louisiana and Maryland are already seeing widespread influenza.
3. Southeast region has overall been hit the hardest with flu cases.
4. Influenza A(H3N2), A(H1N1) and B are all active with the predominant virus varying by region and age group.

Experts advise that an early start with significant flu activity can lead to a severe season.

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