Peak Flu Continues

Little girl sitting sick in bedPeak flu season continues with widespread 
influenza reported in 49 states.

• Outpatient visits for influenza like illness and 
hospitalizations both increased over the last week.

•  Influenza A (primarily H1N1) and Influenza B 
are prevalent.

•  Children and young adults (<25 years) 
account for over 50% of influenza positive test results from public health laboratories this 
season (predominantly Influenza B).

The flu vaccine does not appear to be a good match for the Influenza B strain.

The duration of this unusual flu season is still 
uncertain given that these two strains are both circulating across the country.

Triple Flu Defense 2019-2020 has been effective for both stomach and 
respiratory flu symptoms.


“I’ve used Triple Flu Defense for many years.  Love it!” 

—Jennifer, North Carolina 1/20/20

TFD2019BottleBox Small

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