Record Breaking Pollen

Meteorologists are predicting a severe allergy season for 2020.  Due to a mild winter in many areas, the season is expected to extend much longer, starting almost six weeks early.  Beyond that, above normal rainfall combined with average temperatures has led to high pollen production.

Nationwide, most areas will experience near record pollen counts this year, with the east coast expected to be hit the hardest.  Experts predict that pollen levels will remain unusually high through the summer months.

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Triple Flu Defense in the Press

news12 copyNews 12 Long Island and The Health Media Group Survey Results:

Natural Cold and Flu Fighters
Thanks to the help of the Health Media Group’s Alex Lubarsky, 50 natural health medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and nutritionists were surveyed in person, over the phone and via the Internet. We discovered every one of them has their own tried and true way to fight cold and flu viruses. All use a combination of natural remedies along with diet and lifestyle changes. Many said they never get the flu because at the first sign of illness they change their diet, get more rest and start taking natural remedies. Here is a summation of their suggestions.


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19 VITAMIN C – the lowest dosage recommended was 500 mg…highest recommended was 12,000 mg in divided doses over the course of the day. There is no toxicity…but some people preferred buffered vitamin C and others use it to bowel tolerance. I take 1000 mg every hour until my symptoms go away.

9 ELDERBERRY SYRUP – Sambucus was the most popular brand name. Elderberry syrup tastes good and so it makes a good choice for kids.

10 HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES – There are many homeopathic remedies for the flu. The Triple Flu Defense was developed by LI’s own Dr. Steven Nenninger, a Naturopathic Doctor. It contains the homeopathic preparations of the three most common strain of flu for this flu season…but unlike the flu shot there is no aluminum, mercury, {multi dose flu shots have full dose thimerisol a form of mercury } formaldehyde or other potentially harmful ingredients.

8 OREGANO OIL – Only the oil capsules {or the dropper of oil is recommended. But be careful, this oil has a very strong taste. I use it to kill gum infections.} The oil capsules of course do not have any taste. Our experts suggest taking two …and repeating that if needed.

6 GARLIC CLOVES AND GARLIC CAPSULES: There is a bit of a dispute as to whether garlic capsules are as effective as fresh garlic cloves in fighting cold viruses. I opt for the fresh garlic. Sometimes I chew it but it can also be minced into hot water. Ginger tea was also fairly popular it got five votes.

5 VITAMIN D3: The experts recommended 10,000 – 25,000 IU per day for several days . This dose is for early onset and fighting colds and flus. For daily dosage as a preventative the experts recommended you get your blood tested to find out what your blood levels are. Fifty to Seventy nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) of serum concentration of 25-hydroxy vitamin D as an adequate level… The Vitamin D Institute publishes research on this nutrient…join their newsletter.

Others suggested matike mushrooms, probiotics, thieves oil { Young Living essential oils}, cod liver oil, Vitamin A, Beta Glucan, Echinacea, or Zand Immune which is an Echinacea product…containing other ingredients. It’s clear that there are so many ways to fight colds and flus that the experts all had their own favorites.




HOT SHOWERS, BATHS, OR SAUNAS to stimulate sweating and temperature to burn out the virus. One immunologist says however that you should act to reduce your fever if it goes over 103 degrees.

Flu Alert – December 2014 


Flu cases are now reported in all 50 states and indicators point to a difficult season ahead.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that the flu vaccine will be a poor match this season.  Over 90% of the cases tested thus far by the CDC are type H3N2 which typically results in more severe cases of the flu.  Almost half of these early cases are a new flu strain that appeared in late March and was not included in the current vaccine.

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Deadlier Flu Season is Possible, CDC Says.

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Currently, the CDC is reporting flu activity in all 50 U.S. states.  Widespread flu cases were first reported in the southern states, and that trend is moving up the Atlantic coast and Midwest.  Over the past week Alaska, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina and Puerto Rico have reported widespread influenza.

The rise in domestic and international travel during the upcoming holiday season will accelerate the spread of influenza throughout the country.  We recommend that you have Triple Flu Defense close at hand whether travelling for the holidays or celebrating at home.

Please share this information with family and friends.  We will continue to provide reports as the flu season progresses.


Early Signs of a Bad Flu Season

An early start to the flu season along with evidence of new influenza strains are a perfect recipe for a bad flu season.

The 2014-2015 Flu Season has gotten off to an early start with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) already reporting sporadic flu activity in 36 states (up from 28 states the prior week) and higher levels across Florida, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Virginia.

The World Health Organization (WHO), responsible for monitoring influenza worldwide, issued a report in September 2014 that two of the three main influenza strains have mutated over the last six months.  Since drug manufacturers begin production of the flu vaccine for the Northern hemisphere in February, prior to the end of the flu season, this “change” has not been incorporated in the current vaccine which could result in a poor match with this season’s influenza viruses.

So what does this mean?  Likely, more flu and more spread in the months to come.

To stay healthy, Dr. Nenninger recommends a flu season regimen that includes Triple Flu Defense 2014-2015, Vitamin D for those of us in the northern states and plenty of rest to maintain a strong immune system.

The weather

While the weather for the fall and early winter has been unseasonably warm in many parts of the U.S. don’t be fooled that this means a mild flu season.

We did see some early influenza in September and October and then a more mild November and early December.

However, historical data tells us that the flu season typically picks up after the New Year’s holidays and runs strong during the peak months of January, February and March.

So stick with your winter health regimen to stay ahead of those flu viruses, especially as the weather changes and we are indoors and in closer contact during the coming months.