Influenza B Takes Off

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The U.S. flu season is off to its earliest start in more than 15 years.  Up to this point, three viruses – H1N1, H3N2 and B/Victoria – have been co-circulating at equal levels.  However, Influenza B/Victoria is now taking over as the dominant strain and spreading quickly.

Here’s the impact:

  • Widespread or regional flu activity is reported in almost half the country, especially in the southern states and moving up the east coast.
  • Influenza B is most affecting children through young adults (age 0 to 24 years).
  • Symptoms of Influenza B are headache, body aches, fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Adults age 25-64 are equally affected by the H1N1 and B/Victoria strains and adults 65+ by H3N2 influenza.

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Ward Off the Common Cold

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 10.44.29 PMSpending more time indoors as the seasons change and partaking in holiday gatherings, puts us in direct contact with cold viruses.  To help ward off the common cold, keep in mind some basic tips for good health:

•  Sleep is critical.  Research shows that getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night makes one 3 times more likely to catch a cold, than 7 hours or more.

•  Hydration is key to cleanse the body of common bugs.  This is especially important during winter months of lower humidity and dry indoor heat.  (Remember alcohol tends to be dehydrating).

•  Chronic stress, physical or psychological, can suppress the immune system making it difficult to fight viruses such as the common cold.

•  Cold & Sinus Solution fights cold viruses with no drowsiness, no harmful side effects and no drug interactions.


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Early Indicators for Severe Flu Season

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the U.S. is seeing more flu than is typical for this time of year.

1. 30 states are currently reporting flu activity, the most states in a decade.
2. California, Louisiana and Maryland are already seeing widespread influenza.
3. Southeast region has overall been hit the hardest with flu cases.
4. Influenza A(H3N2), A(H1N1) and B are all active with the predominant virus varying by region and age group.

Experts advise that an early start with significant flu activity can lead to a severe season.

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Early Cases of Influenza


The flu season “officially” began October 1st  and is off to an early start.

1.      Early cases of influenza have been reported across the U.S in California, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

2.      Reported flu symptoms are intermittent fever, burning sore throat, chest and nasal congestion, deep cough and exhaustion.

3.      H3N2, the main strain at this time, was dominant late last season in the U.S. and the cause of a prolonged, difficult season in Australia.

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What’s New in Triple Flu

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Last year’s flu season was one of the longest on record, with high levels of influenza extending from October through May.  The flu vaccine’s overall effectiveness for the 2018-2019 season was 29% as reported by the CDC.  During the first half of the season, the flu vaccine was 47% effective against the predominant H1N1 stain, however, from mid-February on the vaccine failed against a new H3N2 strain with effectiveness dropping to only 9%.

Nenningers Naturals has accounted for these new influenza strains and reformulated Triple Flu Defense 2019-2020 to best fight the coming season’s respiratory and stomach flu.

Here is what’s new:

• Antimonium tartaricum to address lingering, acute cough and congestion.

• Ferrum phosphoricum for fever and sore throat.

• Influenzinum has been updated with current influenza strains.

• Phosphoric acid for severe fatigue and headache.

• Pulsatilla for nasal congestion/discharge evident late last season.

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Ragweed Remedy

Ragweed is a major trigger for late summer and autumn allergy symptoms. In most of North America, ragweed gets its signal to pollinate as summer days get shorter. In northern United States and Canada, ragweed peaks in late August while in low-frost southern states the season can extend into October.Common ragweed grows in every state except Alaska, and particularly thrives in the Midwest and Northeast.

Weather can affect the severity of the season. A wet spring and summer results in larger ragweed plants that yield more pollen. Each plant can produce millions of grains of pollen that are easily transmitted through the air.

Common ragweed, also known as Ambrosia artemisiafolia, is an important remedy in Nenningers Naturals Triple Allergy Defense. We use this homeopathic remedy to specifically tackle allergy symptoms attributed to ragweed. Ambrosia artemisiafolia combined with ten other remedies offers optimum symptom relief with no drowsiness and no harmful side effects.

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Summer Cold or Allergies?

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It can often be challenging to tell the difference between a summer cold and seasonal allergies.  This distinction is important to correctly choose the best treatment and to determine if you are contagious.  Some key differences between
environmental allergies and the common cold are:

• Seasonal allergies strike around the same time each year and are triggered most often by pollen and mold spores; the common cold is present year-round and hits after infection by one of many cold viruses.

• Symptoms can overlap, but the common cold may come with achiness while allergies generally have more itchy symptoms.

• A cold typically can last for a week or two, whereas allergy symptoms can extend for several weeks
or even months.

• Colds are contagious, allergies are not.

Nenningers Naturals Cold & Sinus Solution and Triple Allergy Defense have targeted homeopathic remedies that provide optimum symptom relief for these unique ailments.

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Viral Landscape Shifts

Common colds are caused by more than 200 different viruses. During winter months, cold symptoms are primarily the result of rhinoviruses that survive best in cooler weather.  These viruses surge in September and begin to diminish in May.

Mother cleaning nose of sick sonIn the summertime, the viral landscape shifts.  Enteroviruses become prevalent between June and October, and nationwide result in 10 to 15 million cases of illness each year.  These viruses can trigger sudden symptoms that include fever, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, cough, congestion, nausea and vomiting.

Enteroviruses reside in respiratory secretions, mucous and saliva, or in the stool of an infected person.  They are spread through direct contact with an infected person or a contaminated surface or object.  Preventing enterovirus infections means blocking viral transmission through avoiding direct contact and disinfecting contaminated items.

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Spring Allergies 2019

No matter where you live or the climate, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, chances are your symptoms this year have been more severe.  Colder than average springtime temperatures have delayed the onset of pollen blooms.  This delay combined with substantial rainfall has resulted in a sudden onslaught of pollen, with trees, plants and grasses all blooming around the same time.


Heavy rainfall has also added mold spores to the mix of allergens this spring.  In many regions, mold levels are as high as tree and grass pollen.  For those who endure seasonal pollen and year-round mold allergies, symptoms have been particularly challenging, and in many areas, the late onset means we are just getting started

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Keep Up Your Guard


One of the longest flu seasons marches on with widespread influenza still reported in 5 states; Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts and New York.  In all other states, flu activity is declining but still prevalent.  Symptoms are high fever, headache, body aches and fatigue.  Some cases include nasal congestion and discharge, as well as wet cough.

So do not let your guard down just yet.  Given the length of the season we recommend continuing your weekly flu regimen at least through June, particularly if you live in or are traveling to one of these 5 states.

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—Bo, New York  4/25/19